Type-Along Tunes – Tiny Bang Story

Type-Along Tunes
Kurt shares his favorite instrumental music to read and write along with

Artist: Strategic Music
Album: The Tiny Bang Story Original Soundtrack
Length: 36 min
Sounds like: The temp score to a Pixar remake of Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

Here’s a game I own but will never play: 2011’s The Tiny Bang Story, a casual puzzle-adventure game for PC and iPad by Colibri Games. It’s nothing personal—the game looks just darling, but I don’t enjoy point-and-click adventure. That said, artsy games often have wonderful soundtracks, and TBS doesn’t disappoint.

The music is sweeping and atmospheric, full of big strings and swelling pads. Percussion is sparse, strings and marimbas serve as timekeepers often as not. The result is a set of songs that have a lot of space around small, earthy melodies. Be warned, however, that the songs aren’t particularly melodic. If you want to hum along with something, look elsewhere.

In keeping with the cutesy, hand-drawn aesthetic of the game, the songs on the soundtrack are almost relentlessly upbeat. The first few tracks would not sound out of place in a Sims game. Nothing hints at darkness or impending doom. Throughout, it’s happy, jaunty, occasionally melancholy, but never maudlin.

Pro: Good atmosphere, makes you want to go on a nature hike
Con: Kind of forgettable once you turn it off
Standout Track(s): Beautiful Delusion Part III; Time Stands Still

Verdict: Pretty darned good, actually
Availability: not sold in stores or iTunes, but can be downloaded for free from the publisher.


Kurt Pankau is a programmer, musician, and storytelling enthusiast. He occasionally blogs at www.kurtpankau.com and often tweets at @kurtpankau. His short fiction has been featured in Quantum Fairy Tales, Daily Science Fiction, and once it even got produced for Wisconsin Public Radio. Fun Fact: He does not live anywhere near Wisconsin.

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