Requiem for a Bookworm

Abigail scours the web for interesting news so you don’t have to! This week:

After twenty years, Science Fiction and Fantasy Net (SFF Net) has announced that it will be shutting down operations this Friday, March 31st. Founders Jeffry Dwight and Steve Ratzlaff cited increasing costs and falling revenue as the reason for its closing. In a statement on the site, they claim,

“our deep regret is that we will be unable to continue serving our loyal friends. SFF Net has…been about online friendships, shared interests, and shared lives.”

A SFF Net Facebook page has been created to keep the community in contact.

The news is dishearteningly reminiscent of recent closures of other like-minded bastions of bookworms and SFF fandom, including some Hugo award winners. I’d like to take a quiet moment to remember all the good times we’ve shared together. Cue sappy song.

In Memoriam:

Ranting Dragon

A Dribble of Ink

SF Signal


Like Dwight and Ratzlaff of SFF Net, many creators just can’t afford the time or money to keep their sites afloat.

Reviews were the backbone of many of these sites. And the future of book blogging is only looking bleaker. Recent updates to the Amazon affiliate program could drastically reduce the commission they stand to earn from directed traffic.

It’s more important than ever to show our support to the creators who are still plugging away. The next time you enjoy a post from your friendly web-borhood bookworm, send a little love their way.



And if the option is available, send them a tip. Who knows? You just might pay for the coffee that fuels your favorite new read.

The Titans would love to know who are your favorite SFF bloggers?


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