Proper Thieves is Available on Patreon!

We’ve launched the 7th Titan Patreon and you can get the first episode of Proper Thieves now!

RoguesRisingFinWe are thrilled to announce that the 7th Titan Patreon is live and Proper Thieves is available to read on your home (or out and about) electronic devices.

Devan and the crew perform their latest heist and the Collegium is no match. Character choices and turmoil abound.

(More importantly, we’re introduced to Meg’s favorite character ‘#real hero Instructor Winselle.’)

What’s Patreon and how does this all work? Check out the FAQ.

We’ve got some awesome extras lined up for Patreon members starting at the $1 a month pledge level. We know you’ll think so too.

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