Nanowrimo Love Letters: Commitment

Love and Nano are both complicated. Abigail navigates the tumultuous seas of commitment. Read part one here!




Where is this going? While I am enjoying our meandering treks, I need to know where our storyline leads.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been fun. It really has. Just yesterday, we had a grand time chasing plot bunnies down a tangential rabbit hole.

You’ve taken our story to places I’d never imagined it could go. We’ve met new characters, stumbled on unexpected plot twists, and stayed up with forum friends until the wee hours of the morning debating the finer points of killing off characters with shovels.

And when we’re synched up, it’s magic. Just you, me, and the word processor. There’s no one I’d rather be with, nowhere I’d rather be than there with you in The Zone: that illusive spacetime dimension where hours fly by like moments and chapters materialize from the correct configuration of butt in chair, hands on keyboard.

But lately, I’m starting to have my doubts. I feel like I give and give and give, but you relinquish so few words in return.

I’ve sacrificed a lot for this relationship: I’ve cut back on sleep, I’ve handed out rainchecks like candy, I’ve abandoned real food for Ramen Noodles and Funyuns, I’m in a perpetual state of caffeination. But it’ll all be worth it if we can somehow make this thing work.

I know you want to take it slow, to let our story develop naturally, but December is looking a lot closer from this side of week one.

I’m starting to wonder if you and I were prepared for this level of commitment. I think back to how naïve I was when we met on the first of November: back before our characters rebelled, before the bottom dropped out of our conflict arc, and before gaping plot holes swallowed up afternoons of our life.

Back then, I thought I knew you. I thought I could type up a tidy outline and we’d breeze through this month, everything going according to plan. But the truth is, I’m still discovering new things every day.

And it’s a little scary, but also electrifying. All I know is, I want to know more. I want us to get serious. I want a fifty-thousand-word level of commitment.

Nano, say that you want it too.

I won’t sugar coat it. This relationship is going to take hard work. We’ve got to show up each day and put in the time and effort. We’ll need to cut out distractions. We’ll need to be honest with each other. We’ll need to forgive our shortcomings. We’ll need to spend more time listening to our inner muse and less time catering to the whims of our inner critic.

If we can commit to that, then I know, together, we will make it to “The End.”

Yours truly,



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