July 2nd Place Contest Winner – “And I Shall Not Fear”

The prompt for this month’s contest was “A World Without Fear.”

Second place went to Kelly Sturtevant-Smith with “And I Shall Not Fear.”

Cawntest-01 And I Shall Not Fear

by Kelly Sturtevant-Smith

James huddled with his head under the covers, his tiny knees pulled tight into his chest.  Even the bright orange and green rocket ships covering his pajamas, still softly glowing in the dark, did not give him any comfort.

The strange humming sound in his room seemed to be getting closer.  More ominous.

He was afraid to call out to his parents or sister.  It would give away his location if he did anything so rash.

He held his breath, closed his eyes, and very very very softly whispered a single phrase

I non timebit.

I shall not fear.

The blanket smothering his body wiggled and purred to life.  Tenting up about 6 inches above his head and tucking itself snugly around his feet, the gently vibrating linen glowed a soft, pale blue light.  A snorkel for ventilation opened near his mouth, and his favorite lullaby cancelled out the foreign sounds in his bedroom.

No longer afraid, James swiftly fell to sleep, perhaps to dream.



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