7th Titan’s Short Story Contest is Open for Submissions


Get out your pens, typewriters, or newfangled word processing software. The 7th Titan short story contest is open for August! 

The Prompt, an interesting ad in the local (insert fictional setting here) newspaper.

“Serious curiosities collector in search of gallimaufry’s crowning jewel.

Will compensate in kind. No demand is too high.

Will meet in dark alleyway of your choosing.”

Who is this person? How are you going to get what they want? What will you ask in return?

Send us your original science fiction or fantasy story of 1,000 words or less to compete for publication on our website. The deadline for submissions is September 21st.

Internet fame, cover art, a personalized winner’s certificate, and your story read by 7th Titan’s own Chappy Chapman are on the line! 

Check out the Contest page for more details and submission guidelines.

If you need some inspiration, you can read past winners HERE!



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