Chappy’s Guide to Planning for Nanowrimo

Not sure how to prepare yourself for National Novel Writing Month? Chappy shares an itinerary.

How to prepare for Nanowrimo in 1 day:

A Guide for Plotters.

(Or how I spend my Saturdays in October)


6:57 am:  Wake up and stare at time.  Decide on three more minutes of sleep.

7:00 am:  Wake up refreshed at alarm.  Immediately hit snooze button.

7:10 am:  Force feet onto floor.  

7:21 am:  Coffee

7:23 am:  Open computer, open Scrivener, download updates.

7:31 am:  More coffee, make toast for breakfast because cupboards are bare.

7:36 am:  Decide to run to the store for snacks and food supplies.

8:42 am:  Organize snacks into easily accessed packages.

9:15 am:  Start Laundry.

10:44 am:  Fold laundry.  

11:00 am:  Open computer again, open new Scrivener project.

11:01 am:  Start thinking of a name for novel.


Terse prefers some Hemingway.

11:02 am:  Decide that you can’t live with your socks in disarray, organize sock drawer.

11:45 am:  Feeling hungry you realize that none of the food you purchased this morning sounds good right now.   Head over to local pub for burger and fries.

12:57 pm:  Watch as people go crazy because one college sportsball team did something and another college sportsball team couldn’t stop them.

1:27 pm:  Back at home, still without a name for novel.   

1:29 pm:  Watch cursor blink.

1:30 pm:  Decide that time can be better spent preparing for provisions for November.  You wouldn’t want to have to take time out to go to the store in the middle of creative genius.

1:40 pm:  Preliminary list of making and freezing big pots of chili, potato soup, and a lasagna creates a shopping list of about $347 worth of groceries.

2:48 pm:  Return from store with groceries, and credit card debt.

3:00 pm:  Afternoon nap which will help with mental block surrounding novel title.

3:50 pm:  Wake up and plug laptop in because battery has died.

4:00 pm:  Realize that the local Starbucks has two Pokestops and would make an excellent spot to finish outline that currently consists of “Title: Working Title.”

4:14 pm:  Ordering a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato, has created decision fatigue.  Decide to watch cat videos while caffeine plus sugar work their magic.

5:00 pm:  OMG! it’s a kitten, inside a hamster ball!  

5:04 pm:  Order a Venti Americano, because this time you are serious.  #Adulting

5:14 pm:  Add half and half and sugar to Americano because you aren’t THAT serious.

5:30 pm:  Change novel title to “Death from Above.”

5:31 pm:  Change novel title back because you don’t want to write a Steven Seagal movie.

5:32 pm:  Stare at blinking cursor

5:33 pm:  Kitten in a hamster ball.  Srsly.

6:15 pm:  Answer friend’s text about grabbing dinner later with snarky, Can’t I’m plotting my Nanowrimo novel.

6:16 pm:  Become irrationally upset because friend doesn’t remember what Nanowrimo is.

7:00 pm:  Home again, making pot of chili.  

7:20 pm:  Working Title: A Novel –This time it’s personal.

7:25 pm:  Import list of character names from name generator into Scrivener.

7:30 pm:  Search stock photos for characters to help with descriptions.

7:35 pm:  Still searching

7:40 pm:  Watching some Scrivener tutorials on youtube.  Obviously I should have been using the corkboard.

8:30 pm:  Worried about the sock drawer again.  Should dress socks get their own drawer?  It’s like they shouldn’t have to mingle with lesser socks.

9:00 pm:  Sock drawer compromise of 2016 voted on and ratified.  Elite left side of drawer is now dress socks.  Right side of drawer is work socks.  Middle of drawer is for wishy-washy fence-sitting socks who need to make a decision about the direction this dresser is supposed to be headed.

9:05 pm:  Decide I’m a Pantser after-all.  Hit up friends for trip to pub.  See you in November!


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