Author Wilson Geiger Takes on the Grigori


Originally posted on his own site at Wilson, Wilson discusses his research into the mythos of the demons seen in Ash and Flame.

Ash & Flame – The Grigori

Last week, in an Ash & Flame spotlight, I covered some of the detail and background on the Malakhi, the angels that were created to protect mankind, even from themselves. Ithuriel is one of them, a Malakhi made to hunt down and destroy evil.

His greatest foe? The Grigori.


Like the Malakhi, my version of Grigori were heavily inspired by the Apocrypha and the Books of Enoch. The Grigori were ‘watchers’, or angels, who were sent to Earth to watch over humanity. They began to lust over human women, eventually taking them as wives. They had children, savage giants called Nephilim that ruined the land. The Grigori also taught humans how to make weapons, taught them sorcery, and basically eschewed their given purpose and led humanity astray.

In total there were 200 Grigori that ‘fell’, and they were bound to the earth as God called down the Great Flood to erase their mark on the world.

But the Grigori were devious, and intelligent.

In Ash & Flame, I have kept the name, and the number. They survived the Flood and have watched, biding their time until the Accord, which kept a loosely-held balance between good and evil, was finally broken. With the breaking of the Accord the Grigori loosed themselves on the world, seeking justice, revenge and power over a humanity they once held sway over so long ago.

Whether they fail or succeed in those goals depends on the strength of the Malakhi that struggle against them. And the humans the Malakhi lead:

The elite warriors known as the Blessed.

Check out Wilson’s Blog for more of the author’s available work!

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