April 1st Place Contest Winner – “Admiral Ackbar Was Right”

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We had a lot of great entries for our April contest! The prompt: “A Fool’s Errand.”

Kelly Sturtevant took first place this month with her story “Admiral Ackbar Was Right.”

Cawntest-01 Admiral Ackbar Was Right

by Kelly Sturtevant

03/09/2088 Tuesday
Today is my 1000th blog entry! I should be celebrating, but dear, dear Blog *melodramatic sigh* could work get more boring and depressing?

That is not a hypothetical question. I am 22 for Christ’s sake! I have only been working at the International Social Registration and Assignment Department for a couple of months now, but thinking about our eventual nuclear annihilation all day, every day is a form of torture. Was this not outlawed by some antique social convention 150 years ago or something? This is NOT why I got a sociology degree.

Yeah. Yeah. Solving the problem of how to protect the most people in the most efficient way is a wonderful job for smart, young scientists, engineers, and social workers. When the Big One comes, we have to be able to get everyone to the right underground bunker, at the right time, checked in, and “checked out” in the cryo chambers, and wake and sleep schedules timed to the available resources. Got it. Still, crunching the numbers to put me and mine into sleep chambers while the world is a toxic, radioactive mess above makes me feel old, and scared, and stressed.

Maybe I need more hobbies outside of work. I am thinking of taking up drinking. Anyone want to join me? It could be a club.


03/10/2088 Wednesday
Interesting fact of the day. Brian told us at break today that we have been using the term “the Big One” for over 100 years. I had no idea. I just used the term yesterday on this very blog! It is funny, when I think of 100 years ago, it seems like the Dark Ages more than modern times.


03/11/2088 Thursday
Getting so close to the weekend! I can…not…wait! If i crunch any more demographic data about age, health, location, education, personality score, international social registration number (ISRN), etc., etc., etc., I may scream!!!!

The fun part of the day was our midnight meeting with the European, Asian, and African teams. For some reason, coordinating placement for foreign nationals is much more interesting and less depressing. I guess it is more like fitting pieces in a puzzle than cataloging potentially my own friends and family like cattle. Depending on where they are “at the time” different ISRN go to different facilities. Some to the nearest with extra space, and some to specific facilities. The logistics of getting a hypothetical them there when most transportation will be tied up with getting our own citizens to their own bunkers is interesting to hear them hash out.

I am just a code monkey, so I just listen and record what my demographics team might need to know. Logistics is not my thing. If I think too hard about it, it all seems like such a fool’s errand.

Still, it is a bit strange to me. Why don’t all foreign nationals just go to the nearest facility with open spaces? Of course, why don’t we do that with our own citizens? I know each facility has limited resources and the complex system of who will be awake and who will be asleep and who will handle each job, etc. is a factor.

Still just a code monkey. Older minds are at work on this problem. 🙂


03/12/2088 Friday
Do I say Etc. too much? Discuss.

Ha. Ha. Just kidding! It is Friday and I don’t care!!! 🙂


03/13/2088 Saturday
Richelle is having folks over tonight for a small party! She got her hands on some really old old Sci-Fi movies. Some space opera with potential sibling incest, bad dialogue, and apparently some intellectual themes about genocide and planetary destruction blah blah blah. She can be so terribly intellectual. As Richard said, “Come for the incest, stay for the depressing modern parallels”.

I am going for the booze. Well, and the fact that HE will be there too. 😉 I will let you know how it goes!!!!!


03/14/2088 Sunday
At first, Fish-man saying “It’s a trap!” was pretty funny. Then I went to sleep (alone, dear blog. HE came with a date. *pout*) after a little bit of wine. I realized something. It IS a trap.

Now I am scared for sure. These are not complexes for the masses to sleep until the world is clear of radioactivity, biochemicals, and soldiers. They are death chambers. That is why some people are going to different complexes. some will live and some won’t. That is why we are working so hard on what to do with people before an attack and not what to do after.

There is not going to be an after for most of us.

Is there even an attack?

Is someone (or someones) planning on killing a whole lot of the world population to start their own world order?

Am I crazy? Was there something in the wine? Why does this all seem so plausible? Anyone? Someone? Tell me it is not true.

I really have gotten myself worked up over nothing. I am sure.


03/15/2088 Monday
I have been called into a meeting with my boss first thing this morning! That is really odd. We don’t get our first performance review until we have been working for 6 months. Maybe he heard that I was interested in the position Margot is leaving? That would be great!!!! I’ll let you know how it goes tonight when I get home. 🙂


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