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7th Titan Press is an independent publishing company of smart science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction stories: genre fiction with a literary flavor. We specialize in character-driven serializations and novellas that both entertain and engage readers’ curiosities.

Who is 7th Titan?

Our commitment to quality genre fiction begins with the author. 7th Titan Press’ collaborative approach to publishing engages and expands promising authors’ talents and written works. We believe a mutually advantageous author-publisher relationship forms the creative impetus for superior stories. We hope you think so too!

AbbySquareFIN As an eight-year-old, Abigail Dunard was bribed by librarians. She read books; they awarded her with dinosaur stickers and mini-flashlight key chains. Like most addictions, Abigail’s early fascination with stories progressed to a more malignant manifestation: writing.

Her favorite stories are those which familiarize the bizarre. She loves thunderstorms, listening to people retell their dreams, and sentences beginning with the phrase, What if…?

Abigail is the intern at the Sell More Books Show podcast. Each week, she scours the internet to bring indie authors the latest marketing news and tips. http://sellmorebooksshow.com/

Abigail has held positions at several literary magazines, including The Missouri Review. She has been a member of the Missouri Playwrights Workshop and St. Louis Writers Meet-Up Group. Abigail lives in St. Louis with her husband, Tom, and bullmastiff, Tackleberry.

CarolynSquare-02Carolyn Abram is a baker of pies, knitter of hats and scarves, and wielder of the mighty red pen. She enjoys the intricacies of language and how certain choices can entirely change a passage and the narrative at large. She is also quite certain that one of these days she will find she’s had magic all along. On that day, there will be joyous singing. Until then, she contents herself helping others to create their best worlds.

ChappySquare-03Jeffrey Chapman spends most of his waking hours burning dirt to make electrons move along copper wires. When he isn’t doing that he reads.  When he sleeps he dreams of the things he’s read.

He’s a bit too fond of the musty smell of used book stores and the silly plots of the golden age of science fiction. He also likes to argue about politics and gamble on sports—he’s particularly good at neither pursuit.


Meg Underwood doodles and writes and reads. Her two favorite animals are Unicorns and Velociraptors. She plans on building a sanctuary for both when she’s an old lady.

She is stalwart in her beliefs that an organized calendar and a cleverly plotted workflow are two of the most beautiful proofs of human ingenuity.

She writes a webcomic with a kickass artist at www.place-like-home.com and you can find her musings on tumblr at megnessmonster.tumblr.com

Meg is not a bread eater.  Please send internet jerky in lieu of cookies as tribute to her awesomeness.


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